Brain Spa - with Certified Hypnotherapist, Alan Handelsman

Wed Oct. 17 - 5:30 pm to Wed Nov. 7 7:00 pm

Event Details

Rejuvenate your brain at the Brain Spa - A three week program in Scottsdale downtown, starting Oct. 17th.

We are told that we must exercise. That sitting down is bad for our health. That nothing comes easy. That we must earn more and more every year. That we must be perfectionists. That if we are satisfied, we will turn lazy. That we must keep our minds and bodies active every day. That there are 127 things we can do each day to simplify our lives! That we must be disciplined. And that while we are being the best we can be, then we are duty bound to help others, and be better than our best for them.

Doctors and other “experts” tell us to keep active. The only time they tell us to rest is after you get sick! Too late! The time to use rest as a healing tool is NOW! For a moment, think of rest as fuel. Imagine taking your car to the mechanic because it won’t run, and being told, “You should really put some gas in this thing. Didn't anyone ever tell you that before?”

What if lowering your stress level was as simple as fueling up your car's gas tank? And just as easy? What if there was a way to be productive, rest, and rejuvenate at the same time? What if this time could be one of the most enjoyable and healthy parts of your activity? What if you simply come join us and learn how you can have more of what you want while being able to enjoy it more? How about stressing less and smiling more?

If you are working harder, enjoying it less, and getting further and further behind, it is time to come to The Brain Spa and rejuvenate, like the way you do when you go to a body spa.

We will welcome you with open arms to The Brain Spa, for any or all of the three sessions which will take place on October 17th, 24th and November 7th, 5:30PM to 7PM each evening.

You can sign up for a single session, two sessions, or all three.

Each Brain Spa session costs $65, but if you sign up for all three, you only pay $175.

For more information or to purchase tickets over the phone, please call 480-874-5806.