Boss Talk

Tue Jul. 10 at 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Event Details

A Boss Babe is a confident, ambitiously brave woman focused on her passion and making an impact while taking considerate and purposeful care of her whole self.

Boss Talk is a community of Boss Babes that gather in person to share, learn and build collaborative connections with each other to better serve the marketplace.

We have a shared desire to see each other grow and we show sincere celebration towards each other’s successes.

At each session you’ll make new connections and be able to nurture the ones you’ve already made. You’ll be able to share the lessons you’ve learned in business and receive new insights from the experiences of others. There will also be a teaching moment during each session, so you’ll be able to takeaway and implement tested practices that resonate the most with you.

Boss Talk is the perfect fit for:

  • Women that desire to launch their dream and are looking for a supportive nudge.

  • Entrepreneurs that have birthed their vision and want to build key relationships.

  • Business owners that have experienced success but are seeking tips to LEVEL Up!

Boss Talk is not:

  • A leads / referral based group or a place to perfect your sales pitch or commercial.

  • An industry exclusive environment.

  • Ideal for MLM consultants or distributors.

If you’re looking for other like-minded women that understand your entrepreneurial journey, join us at the next Boss Talk.