10 Day Business Bootcamp JP

Sun Jun. 10 - 7:00 pm to Tue Jun. 19 7:00 pm

Event Details

We have decided this year is going to be nothing short of amazing for our team!! We’ve ever felt more aligned with a mission and purpose. We are launching the 10 DAY BUSINESS BOOTCAMP (all online!) for all of our team. Our amazing
JP+ company just unveiled the gift of all gifts- thefreedomrevolution.com TOOLS to rock our businesses!We will meet on Zoom at 7am or 7pm for 15 minutes, have a powerful 15 minute homework assignment (including a “challenge” for that day), and a group communication on VOXER!

Zoom id# is 9080642022 and be sure you are registered on Voxer

This online bootcamp will set you up for success. Join our hunger to create physical and financial freedom for anyone and everyone looking for it!