Helping Aerospace and Defense Suppliers Deliver Products The World Can Trust" - AZ Chapter

Thu Jun. 14 at 7:30 am - 9:00 am

Event Details

“Helping Aerospace and Defense Suppliers
Deliver Products The World Can Trust”

Guest Presenter:

Todd Hosier
General Manager – NTS Arizona Operations
NTS (National Technical Systems)

Aerospace and Defense are the industries where components, systems, materials, performances and manufacturing processes continue to advance at a rapid pace, with few signs of slowing. Businesses face myriad challenges in testing, validating, verifying and certifying these new products for delivery to prospective clients. This is compounded by the fact that development cycles are shortening, and regulations are constantly changing.

The expanded use of advanced CAD-based simulation, the advent of new materials, additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping and technology fusion are examples that are driving Aerospace and Defense organizations and workflows to put greater emphasis on effective, accurate testing virtually across the entire supply chain today.

As one of the largest American test, inspection, and certification companies, National Test Systems (NTS) offers a vast range of analytical solutions through an ever-expanding network of fully accredited test laboratories and certification houses. NTS is changing the face of test, adapting to industry trends, matching the rapid pace of technology, espousing increasing system complexity, and assimilating changing regulations and requirements.

Please join us on Thursday, June 14, 7:00am - 9:00am when Todd Hosier, General Manager – NTS Arizona Operations, will discuss how NTS is deploying new tools and processes to make testing aerospace and defense systems in real-world settings practical. The presentation will address the innovations now in place at NTS that are helping the Aerospace and Defense industry plan efficient development and qualification processes that fuel timely and accurate developments, slash costs and ultimately shorten time to market products the world can trust.


Guest Presenter

Todd Hosier has over 30 years’ experience in Aerospace and Defense product testing. After serving as a U.S. Navy aviator, he joined Space Ordnance Systems (SOS) in California, as a member of the ballistic test lab staff. In 1990 Todd relocated to Phoenix Arizona to work for Universal Propulsion Company (UPCo), a leading manufacturer of aircraft escape systems and pyrotechnic devices. Todd held the position of test engineer until 1995, when he was selected to build and manage a new automotive test lab within UPCO.
In 2000, UPCo combined both the automotive and aerospace labs, and Todd assumed the role of test facility manager. He left his position at UPCo in December 2005 to join NTS as General Manager of the Tempe, Arizona laboratory. As GM of the Tempe lab, Todd participated in the acquisition of Dynamic labs, and he and his team brought new capabilities to the Tempe lab, such as Solar Radiation and EMI/EMC. After moving to Southern California for the last 3 years to serve NTS in several management roles including the Fullerton, LAX and El Segundo labs, and acquisition of Wyle labs, Todd is happy to be back at the helm of NTS Tempe, and looking forward to adding new capabilities to better serve the growing Aerospace and Defense industries of Arizona!