21 Day Energy Healing

Sun May. 6 - 2:00 am to Sun May. 27 2:30 am

Event Details

How often do you get to experience the true essence of both self and universe? For 21 days you will discover the you you've always known existed and manifest the known power within to take back authority over your life and claim your true destiny.


  • One week into 21 Day Energy Healing you are taken on a journey around the world where you will master breathing techniques practiced throughout remarkable cultures.

  • You will experience guided meditation during week two which is designed to awaken the deepest part of your soul that carries, positive energy, strength, power and brings revelation to you concerning your destiny.

  • The continued seven days will be focused on Chakra Meditation where cleansing will begin from your root and end at your crown.

Our journey together begins on Sunday, May 6 and ends on Sunday, May 27. We will meet online from 5:00 am(est) to 5:30 am(est). It is important that we release greatness into our day first thing in the morning.

For additional information, please visit www.obenandcompany.com