CCAZ - Foundations of Conscious Business Workshop - June 20

Wed Jun. 20 at 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm

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The Foundations of Conscious Business Workshop

Build a Conscious Company

Your title doesn't matter. If you know your company can do more to help people thrive, this course is for you. Learn what to do, live your values, and lead the change.

Engage your team. Build your culture. Help your business thrive.

The best books, research, and interviews have been distilled in to 6 engaging lessons, 5 real world examples and 36 best practices to help you take your next steps.

The Foundations of Conscious Business On Demand Course is available at no cost as part of your Conscious Capitalism Arizona Membership. If you have not already received your discount code to access the On Demand Course at no cost, please contact

Foundations of Conscious Business Workshop
While the On Demand Course is designed for individual learning, many business leaders are seeking opportunity to accelerate the shift to Conscious Capitalism. If you are a Business Leader or Consultant working with groups or teams of employees learning "How to Become a Conscious Company" then this workshop is for you.

During the workshop we will:
  • Review all of the Foundations of Conscious Business Learning Materials
  • Workshop each of the 36 best practices contained in the course
  • Teach you how to use the On Demand Course as a facilitation tool, to accelerate your business Journey to Conscious Capitalism.