Wed Jul. 11 at 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Event Details

Vacation Rentals are HOT here in the Valley of the Sun! Learn how you can plug into a turnkey investment to purchase a property and renovate it using some of your money and most of it OPM and rent it on AirBnB or for huge profits!

Our 2-hour presentation shows how you can make double and sometimes triple ROI over the course of a year for your investments compared to stocks. We have over 30 projects going currently and are expanding to Las Vegas and other cities across the country. Take 2 hours out of your busy schedule to find out how to:

> Work with us to own a vacation rental and not have to worry about the management of the investment
> Fix & Flip Houses without swinging a hammer
> Turn your good credit into $25K to $150K to flip houses
> Convert a 401K into a Self-Directed IRA for Buy & Hold Vacation Rental or a Fix & Flip
> Create revenue streams that bring in money every month
> Acquire the knowledge and habits to make you a successful investor

What we are NOT:
We are not "Gurus" from California, Texas or New York who rent hotel space and sell you on their 3-day weekend training, then tell you to invest in their $60,000 program if you are "serious". (I am not kidding... these people really do this!)

What we ARE:
We are LOCAL investors who work WITH you and joint venture on deals so theat we BOTH succeed. We train you, give you our phone numbers, meet with you in person and even go out to a property to evaluate it. We don't just have "boots on the ground"... we LIVE here. We WORK here. We INVEST here!

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