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A Syndicated Column By Mariel Hemingway and Bobby Williams

Running From Crazy

Mariel Hemmingway’s story, Running From Crazy, officially launched in theaters November 1st. The documentary delves into the legacy that she inherited – one that includes her famous ancestry and a history of mental-health challenges. The suicide of her grandfather, Ernest Hemingway, was only one of several in the family.

The documentary follows Mariel as she visits with her family, gives speeches about mental health and discusses her wellness regime. As Mariel comes to terms with her family’s past tragedies, truths emerge and deeply hidden secrets are revealed. Mariel discovers an inner strength and peace as she faces her past and navigates a way to overcome a similar fate for her daughters and herself.

Mariel states, “Mental illness is overwhelmingly misunderstood and creates fear for so many. I’m hoping Running From Crazy gives people permission to share their stories and know that they are not along. Perhaps by sharing my life with others they will feel supported in speaking out and getting help.”

Running From Crazy is by Academy Award winning director Barbara Kopple and executive producer Oprah Winfrey.