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How-to Throw a Retro-Cool Penthouse Party—Even if You Live in a Basement

How-to Throw a Retro-Cool Penthouse Party—Even if You Live in a Basement

Mark the Moment

Skip the event photographer—or worse, trying to take pictures at your own party—by setting out disposable cameras as party favors. Later, your guests will delight in exchanging their favorite images.

Delightful Details

Everyone knows the key to a hosting a great party is in the thoughtful details, but also think about surprising your guests with unexpected touches, such as using your favorite holiday ornaments as napkin wraps, or setting out several small drink pitchers instead of one large one, and offering a variety of different premixed drinks.

Mix Mastery

Despite what all the magazines and catalogs tell you, don’t feel like you have to stick with a single color or style of servingware. Instead, mix, match and even stack your servingware in a variety of complementary colors and styles to create a custom tablesetting that will get your guests talking––consider a unique touch like these amazing and eco-friendly reusable bamboo plates and bowls (pictured). And forget formal linens––use boldly patterned fabric as a tablecloth or table runner. Simply smooth and tuck away any stray ends, and no one will be the wiser.

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