About Shane's Neck Brace

Neck Support Brace - Adjustable Cervical Collar

Shane’s neck brace support is made of flexible synthetic tubing that allows full range of motion, keeping your head in an upright posi

tion. The cervical collar is a neck brace system that has vertical support links in the front that are interchangeable for a longer or shorter neck. The cervical collar neck brace can be easily adjusted for a more comfortable fit. Unique in its design, the cervical collar neck brace can be worn for extended periods of time without further degrading muscle tone in the neck from restricted movement.

Shane’s adult neck brace cervical collar has a firm fit with a durable hook and loop Velcro fastener in the back to make it easy to put on and take off. Shane’s neck brace can be worn to treat many different medical conditions in the neck, spinal or head area of the body. Full motion of the head is possible when the cervical collar neck brace is worn. The neck support brace can also improve your balance, prevent muscle spasms and alleviate neck fatigue so it does more than just provide support and neck pain relief. The cervical collar does much more than just a standard neck brace.

The soft neck brace cervical collar offers a 360 degree neck support when you need it for neck pain relief and it is suitable for use with many different conditions that cause neck pain. When worn, Shane’s cervical collar neck brace does not take away the ability to move your neck so muscles remain tone when worn, yet it still gives you neck pain relief. Full movement of the neck is possible without any discomfort while wearing Shane’s neck brace and cervical collar.

What are the Benefits of Using Shane’s Neck Brace?

There are many neck braces and cervical collars on the market to choose from but unlike others, Shane’s neck brace is waterproof and can be worn around the clock and during any activity without experiencing any damage or injury. The material the cervical collar is made from breathes well so it can be used in warm or cold environments. The cervical collar neck brace is designed for neck support and is known as a style frame brace for neck pain relief. It is lightweight so it is comfortable when worn and you can use the cervical collar any time. Your posture will also improve and your neck muscles will be free of spasms and tiredness.

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