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Raven Valdes

Raven Events produces, promotes, manages and hosts a wide variety of events such as wine tastings, exclusive dinner parties, charity fundraisers, holiday galas, theme, costume and private parties as well as special happy hour gatherings and business network mixers.

We provide complete event management planning, from theme development to venue selection, from entertainment to decor for companies as well as individuals. With over four years of event planning experience, we take pride in the quality and professionalism of our events. Whether it is a small gathering or a grand event, we will make your special occasion unforgettable. Raven brings fresh and creative ideas, a strong and friendly relationship with her clients and an attention to detail that will make you feel certain that your unique event will stand out while running smoothly.

Raven Events will bring business to your business - We create special events within existing restaurants, bars, clubs and live music venues and then market and promote the event to the 9,000 people on our guest list as well as to the general public through our full marketing campaign. We target and cater to a very special demographic group described as classy, professional and fun-loving who are eager to mix and mingle in upscale but often undiscovered places. This not only brings new business to those venues on the day of the event but continuous residual business. If you own a business that would benefit from our services, please contact our office for more information on how we can help you.

We also present featured businesses at our networking mixers, showcasing their service or product of interest to our guests as well as having marketed what they have to offer to our entire list. If you are interested in benefiting from this service and having your business become the focal point at one of our events, please contact our office.

Raven Events will help promote your event - If you have an event that is already produced and ready to be announced to the public for open invitation, we can help boost attendance significantly by providing you with our full marketing campaign targeting your desired demographic.

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