About Finding What's Up

Are you ready for the next big social app? The brand new “Finding Whats Up” app is free and will allow you to do just what it says and much more. Whether you are looking for a discount at a local restaurant, a trusted car mechanic, something fun to do in Old Town Scottsdale or need an exciting place to take your kids on the weekend, Finding Whats Up gives you exactly what you want.

Unlike other apps that penalize businesses that don’t advertise with them, Finding Whats Up will give a true product or services review as seen through the eyes of the consumer. Whether a business decides to go with a non-premium or premium package with Finding Whats Up, reviews will not be manipulated or driven up or down. Any business can take part in the app. There are several tiers of extremely affordable premium membership levels that allow for customized coupons and special event offers.

ANY business can take advantage of the Finding Whats Up app and offer discounts and deals to customers who indicate certain industry, interest or location preferences. Another unique feature is the feedback and rating portion of the app, which will be completely transparent and not affected by what premium advertisers are with Finding Whats Up. The app will be rolled out Valleywide and the founding team at Finding Whats Up has its sights set on introducing Finding Whats Up in other major metropolitan areas. For additional information and a fun video explaining how easy it is to use the Finding Whats Up app, visit www.findingwhatsup.com.

Follow their journey on instagram @findingwhatsup.

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