About Designated Drivers 24-7
Ever Risk a DUI because you wouldn't leave your car overnight?

Now you can enjoy “One more for the Road" again without fear.

How it works

One call dispatches a DD247 team of two drivers to your location. One drives you home in your own car, the other follows behind in a chase vehicle to retrieve the first driver. You tip the team appropriately for time and distance each time you use the service ? Minimum tip $40.

Sign up, try the service for a month, call or click to cancel for any reason in the first 30 days or enjoy unlimited service all year from as little as $50 per month.

Call 888 247 3330 or visit DD247.NET for more information on Individual, Family, Executive, Group, Venue and Event DUI Insurance? plans.


How long will it take a DD24/7 team to arrive?

From the time you call, a DD24/7 team will arrive at your location, typically within 30 minutes or less.

What if I live a long way away?

Our members live all over Maricopa County. We request a minimum tip for our driver teams of $40, but ask that if your you are out several miles from home you tip appropriately for time and distance, remembering your lifesaving drivers work for tips only and cover their own gas.

Why pay a membership fee?

Your membership fee provides for the communications, insurance and administrative costs required to provide a consistently high level of service and reliability.

Will you take my friends home too?

Yes we will drop your guests off on the way. You and your guests must fit comfortably in your car ? with seatbelts for all including the DD247 driver. Please remember to tip for each extra drop. Passengers are not permitted to travel in the chase vehicle. Executive members may request a private car to carry guests

Can I tip with a credit card?

Yes. We keep your card on file.

What if I?m in one place and my car is in another?

If you are separated from your car, simply call us with key instructions and the location of your car. A DD24/7 team will retrieve the car and return it to your home before morning and charge your card.

What if plans change?

Cancellation less than 30 minutes prior to arranged pick up and no-show calls, will be charged to your card at $50. Membership contracts, unless cancelled within 30 days, are binding for 12 months, however if you are one of the many Arizonans who live here only part of the year, you may suspend your membership for up to four months while you are out of town, and reinstate it upon your return.

Is my information kept private?

Yes, we are a privately owned firm with strict privacy policies. Drivers are personally screened, background checked and are required to sign a ?members? privacy protection clause? as part of their contract.


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