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Begin taking control of your future.

Family law is a complex system with many exceptions and legal calculations that can affect the outcome of your case. Claridge Law Group was designed with the philosophy that everyone deserves an understanding of the legal complexities with an affordable advocate who will take the time to go over each option and route a person can take with their case. We strive to help you understand the issues the courts care about in each type of case and whether or not your facts will lead you to your desired goals.

Claridge Law will start each case by getting an overall view of the case and the clients goal. Then we will meet with you to go over the facts and see how your situation will do in court. Going into court blindly, without knowing the questions the courts will ask, is what leads to many unfavorable results. By hiring a caring, dedicated and strong advocate, you are taking control of your future and your case. You can rest assured that Attorney Claridge will be upfront and honest with you while advocating your position fiercely in court.

Family Law matters can be extremely stressful and emotionally taxing. Whether you are considering a divorce, child custody modification, or have already been served with documents, the team at Claridge Law Group can help now. Please call Claridge Law Group for a consultation at 480-290-8604.

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