Ever dreamed of designing a car? Now you can—in small form, anyway.

Polestar Scottsdale recently joined with Mattel Hot Wheels for a partnership/contest that will turn a design submitted by a member of the public into the next Hot Wheels car. Everyone from students to professional graphic designers can submit a design (both inside and out!) that translates the DNA of Polestar into an ultimate Hot Wheels collectible. The winning design will be cast to scale in 1:64 and become part of the Hot Wheels offering available for purchase in Arizona and all over the world.

The contest is open through April 16, 2024, with a winner to be announced in Q4 2024.

Feel free to get creative. Aside from drawing to scale, there are no limits to assignment—entrants are even encouraged to harness the power of tools like Ai, Vizcom, Gravity Sketch, Photoshop, pen doodles, and renders to bring their dreams to life. The only requirement is that Mattel should be able to translate the design into a 1:64 Hot Wheels die-cast vehicle, and visuals showing the vehicle’s interior design and immediate surroundings should be included as part of their submission. Twenty entrants who are shortlisted ahead of final selection will be coached one-on-one by Polestar's design team to refine their submitted designs prior to final selection.

"Polestar becoming the next Hot Wheels is too cool," says Jason Church, COO of Courtesy Automotive Group, owners of Polestar Scottsdale. "I can't wait to see what our extraordinary, local design community comes up with! This contest comes at the perfect time as we will soon be delivering the breathtaking Polestar 3 electric performance SUV to driveways across Arizona with the Polestar 4 right around the corner."

For more information and to submit an entry, click here.

Polestar Scottsdale