For homeowners who have grown tired of the dull, drab-looking walls in their own backyard, there’s a dynamic, creative company headquartered in Scottsdale called Wall Sensations that produces large, striking photographic murals of beautiful, tranquil gardens, beaches, waterfalls, sunsets, golf courses and hundreds of other outdoor or underwater settings.

Founded in 2006 by Alan Gellman of Scottsdale, Wall Sensations offers hundreds of images for clients to choose from that can completely transform the look and feel of any backyard setting.

Whether the walls are brick, stucco, concrete, wood, chain-link fence, or wrought iron metal - Wall Sensations can accommodate. Virtually any scene a customer wants can be reproduced on their waterproof, fade-resistant, light weight, and flame-retardant material.

For Both Residential & Commercial Use

Wall Sensations can cover up the outside walls of commercial properties as well as residential ones. Many business owners have dramatically improved the outside look of their businesses by installing a stunning, eye-popping, photographic mural.

The company’s murals can even be used indoors on the walls of children’s rooms, in “man caves,” doctors’ offices, and wherever a homeowner or business owner wants to hang up a photographic mural.

Benefits of Photo Murals

  • Hundreds less expensive than painted murals
  • Can increase home value
  • All murals are custom proportioned to each client’s wall sizes
  • Mockups are sent proportionate to wall size meaning it will look exactly as proposed on the mockup
  • Guaranteed from fading and coming loose from the wall for a minimum of 5 years
  • Easy to clean, just use a garden hose to keep it fresh looking
  • Murals are removable - can be changed easily and more often than painted murals
  • Wall Sensations never changes the structural integrity of any wall
  • Mural material is flame retardant and fire resistant
  • Murals may be used for special occasions and theme parties that you host in your backyard
  • Professional installation
  • If you move, you can take it with you
  • Wall Sensations offers HOA approval aid if necessary

Murals Come in a Wide Variety of Sizes

Wall Sensations’ murals can cover any sized wall or fence. The company can cover up to 16-foot heights without a seam including lengths of up to 140-foot widths.

Customers can sort through hundreds of image choices online and then select the mural they want. Once an image is selected, Walls Sensations sends an associate out to the home or business to carefully measure the wall and get the exact dimensions. The company can also take photos of a customer’s outdoor space so they can send a mockup of what the walls can look like before spending any money.

For more information about Wall Sensations, call or text (877) 557-9255 or visit

All photos are courtesy of Wall Sensations.