Scottsdale STK Steakhouse is raising the "steaks," so to say. For the next few months, the upscale destination is featuring Wagyu steaks from around the world via options ranging from starters to entrees to a sampler. Wagyu beef is among the most sought-after kinds of beef, known for its marbling and tenderness.

STK's offerings include starters Masami Ranch Roasted Bone Marrow ($33) and Japanese Joshu A5 Wagyu Tacos (3) with pickled shallots ($49). The steak features are Japanese Joshu A5 Wagyu ($195/$189), American Rosewood Ranch Ribeye ($149), and Australian Carrara ($65/$139). Those who prefer to sample a variety of options can order the Wagyu Sampler, which includes Masami bone marrow, Australian skirt steak, A5 Japanese tacos, and A5 ribeye spinalis ($149).

These will be available on the menu through July.

In addition to Wagyu, STK Steakhouse offers a variety of other steaks and seafood.