Enter through a nondescript side door by The Americano (look for the red light above the door), descend the stairs, and you’ll find the sultry and opulent new Tell Your Friends cocktail and live music lounge.

The intimate 52-seat space is open Thursday through Sunday from 5 p.m. until late night.

We had a sneak peek at the space. Here are five reasons to stop by.

  1. The vibe. Tell Your Friends was designed to have a Gatsby-era feel, which it accomplishes via velvet drapes, mirrored walls, a stunning lighted bar, and a small stage. It is sleek and sultry and feels like a step back in time, mixed with modern-day glamour. 
  2. The sounds. The small stage hosts nightly live performances featuring talented vocalists, musical acts, and entertainers inspired by classic sounds with a modern edge. Settle in and let the sounds set the backdrop for a unique evening.
  3. The unique food creations. A locale like this takes as much care with its food as its vibe, and celebrity chef Beau MacMillan’s food creations are top-notch. He created a dining experience that balances sophistication with comfort. Standouts include the TYF Korean Fried Chicken ($25), with kimchi honey, smoked bacon ranch and the optional addition of a premium caviar bump ($75) to top the tenders; Fire-Roasted Oysters ($30) with East Coast oysters, spinach, Chinese sausage, sesame and ginger; Vodka-Cured Salmon & Potato “Pizza” ($26) with dill crème fraiche, beet horseradish, smoked salmon roe, and chives; Dips & Chips ($19) with house-made potato chips and crackers, smoked white fish dip, caramelized onion dip, and pimento cheese dip; and Caviar D’Aquitaine Ossetra ($220) with house accouterments, toasted parker house roll, crème fraiche, and chilled vodka shots. Guests can also order from the menu at The Americano.
  4. The creative cocktails. Of course, Tell Your Friends also wanted to offer top-notch cocktail creations. The team behind the locale tasked award-winning bartender  Keifer Gilbert with the cocktail menu, which now has signature offerings such as the Friends with Benefits ($25), whiskey, bitters, sugar—bottled and cured in beeswax; One Time Thing ($26), cognac, banana, Montenegro, sherry, bitters; Hops to the Beat ($24), tequila, citra hops, serrano, pineapple, lime, salt; Money, Baby! ($20), whiskey, strawberry, coriander, lemon, ginger beer; Flapper Fizz ($24), vodka, apple, vanilla, amaro, lemon, champagne; and In the Mood for Love ($22), gin, raspberry, red bell pepper, Genepy, lemon. Of course, there are also classic cocktail options.
  5. The decor. That bar and the lights. Need we say more? 


A Look Inside ...

Tell Your Friends Courtesy Tell Your Friends
Tell Your Friends Courtesy Tell Your Friends