Ed Gorman, Founder of MODUS CompaniesWith Build-to-Rent (BTR) products solving the issue of attainable housing opportunities for the ever-growing workforce moving to Scottsdale and the surrounding communities, MODUS Companies – the country’s leading developer of Net Zero Energy (NZE) communities which is based here in Scottsdale – have been using their experience to bring smart, eco-friendly designs to market for decades, and in the months to come Founder Ed Gorman will be sharing his insight into NZE and BTR  trends for the upcoming year.

On March 27th, Bisnow will be hosting their 2024 Phoenix Multifamily Conference that will include a 45-minute panel with a variety of industry experts, which will feature Gorman, alongside John Carlson, President, Mark‑Taylor Residential and Todd Taylor, Managing Director, Wood Partners, to name a few. Together, they will share their expertise and insights in the multifamily development space as it relates to upcoming trends, capital markets and attracting and retaining residents in a competitive market.

On September 19, 2024, Gorman will be joining ConnectCRE for their 2024 Connect Phoenix Multifamily & SFR Conference, where he will be sharing his industry know-how in the Ownership, Development & Innovation Update panel where he will share first-hand knowledge of the development process as it relates to NZE technologies. 

MODUS has long been known for its award-winning multifamily projects and are nationally recognized as one of the premier developers of Net Zero Energy (NZE) homes with award-winning, environmentally-friendly designs.

"We conduct extensive market research to gauge future trends and deliver a product of superior design and quality where there is strong market demand," said Gorman. "Our experience has allowed us to leverage sustainable and technological advancements in construction to produce energy efficient and environmentally friendly living spaces that ultimately generate higher returns for investors."

Gorman's extensive background in technology and real estate development, which encompasses site acquisition, design, construction, and financing, has enable him to build a company that leads the industry in building energy-efficient, tech-savvy, and luxurious residential developments.

Currently, MODUS Companies has over 1,000 multifamily units in various stages of development throughout the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.

For more information on MODUS Companies, visit www.moduscompanies.com or call 602.421.2221.