SkyMed and Pratt Marketing AgencyDave Pratt, longtime Valley broadcaster and Founder of Pratt Marketing Agency, recently announced that his company was named as the Agency of Record for SkyMed, a company that offers premium medical emergency evacuation memberships.

Eleanore Klein, President of SkyMed, recently appointed Pratt Marketing Agency as the company’s full-service advertising and marketing partner, stating “We chose Pratt Marketing Agency to help SkyMed craft a polished advertising campaign that will include radio, TV, Internet and print. Their approach and experience are an excellent fit for SkyMed’s goals. We are excited about this step forward in SkyMed’s public evolution into broader markets.”

Pratt’s agency specializes in creating unique and effective campaigns that resonate with their client’s target audience. He and his team are also data-savvy and passionate about delivering measurable results that drive growth. With an additional role as consultant for several radio and television stations, Pratt’s experience, alongside that of his team, make his agency an ideal fit for SkyMed. Pratt is also a member of the Broadcasters’ Hall of Fame and the Music and Entertainers’ Hall of Fame and owns one of the fastest growing internet radio and TV Networks in the nation.

‘It was an easy decision for our team to choose the Pratt Marketing Agency because they are local, and they offer professional services that include production and seasoned specialists to assist with on-air commercials that leave lasting impressions,” said Joanne Erickson, SkyMed’s VP of Marketing.

“Their award-winning team of professionals in writing and promotion in radio, television, film, and print are a perfect mix of talent, to assist us in bringing SkyMed’s own award-winning services to the attention of more people.”

SkyMed’s Chairman Will Klein is also delighted to be working with Pratt and Pratt Marketing Agency. Will said he formed an instant “bromance” with Pratt after learning they share a mutual love of radio and television broadcasting and are also both history buffs.

“SkyMed is in good hands, and I am personally excited about our advertising partnership with the Pratt Marketing Agency,” Will said.

Pratt said he is looking forward to working with SkyMed on their advertising and marketing campaigns. “SkyMed has a successful 35-year history of serving its members. At Pratt Marketing Agency, we are proud and honored to be the agency chosen to lead SkyMed’s future growth using all media platforms, both traditional and new,” Pratt said.

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