Scottsdale's popular Hunkapi programs, an equine therapy farm, is in dire need of donations.

Hope, one of Hunkapi’s most treasured horses, was found down yesterday with a backup of liquid in her stomach. Hope has brought healing and legs to thousands of people, young and old, since her rescue five years ago.

The fight is still in Hope, but in order to give her and the other animals a fighting chance, the farm is asking for the community's help. Hope’s medical bills so far are at $4,500, and any size contribution will help, says a Hunkapi rep. The donations will be used toward the medical bills and for hay in order to sustain the herd.

Throughout the year, the animals work tirelessly, supporting first responders and their children, ALS groups, children in crisis centers and group homes, and much more.

To help, visit Hunkapi Programs, Inc. | Kindful.