Supporting and empowering those with unique physical differences is Diana Gazzano Gibson’s number one passion in life. She is a thriving amputee who lost her arm due to an ATV accident in Payson six years ago.

From the moment she woke up in the hospital, she vowed that she would not let this define her as a person and never let it stop her from achieving her goals. And that’s why she started The Diana Adapted Foundation. She’s dedicated to helping those with limb loss remain independent, mobile, active, and mentally strong as they begin and navigate their healing process and beyond.

“Your mindset after a massive life change, in my opinion, is the most important piece of the puzzle,” says Gibson. “It will make or break your entire life after experiencing something like that.”

This new foundation provides financial support for all areas of the recovery process from mental health, fitness, and everyday tasks among other resources to allow its members to live as typical of a life as possible while maintaining a passion for progress, a motivation for their well-being and optimistically thrive with their disability.

“I realized I want to inspire others that they too can elevate to accomplish whatever they're wanting to overcome,” says Gibson.

On Friday, November 18th, the foundation is hosting a private launch party in Phoenix. The launch party is to celebrate and let the local community know what the foundation’s mission is. For more information about The Diana Adapted Foundation, visit

About the founder:

Diana Gazzano Gibson is the founder of The Diana Adapted Foundation and a thriving amputee. Her life changed forever in 2016 after an ATV accident, in what she calls “the best way.” Her right, dominant arm was amputated. At that time, she found very few resources to help her through this difficult time in her life. That’s why she started the Diana Adapted Foundation. While she’s figured out how to do so many things with one arm, one of her biggest challenges after limb loss was becoming a mother. Learning how to take care of her daughter has been her biggest and proudest milestone to date. She focused again on mindset, fitness, and daily independence and that’s the work she now helps others with at The Diana Adapted Foundation.



Photos courtesy of The Diana Adapted Foundation