Sharon Bondurant had been in recruiting for three years when, in 1998, she gave birth to her firstborn son. Knowing she didn’t want to go back to the office, she was inspired to start The Finders, her own company, which she launched from her bedroom.

Fast-forward to today, and she and her team remain relentless in their search to find long-term technology professionals, HR leaders, and corporate recruiters for companies in need. Bondurant’s two sons continue to drive her why as her vision expands into career coaching, a podcast, and more, she says.

Tell us about your company … 

The Finders is an award-winning, local, boutique recruiting firm in Scottsdale.  To date, we have helped over 5,000 tech, human resources, and finance professionals land their perfect job.

You launched in 1998. Can you tell us about that?  

I had been working in recruiting for about three years when I had my first child. Up until I had him, my thought was that I would immediately return to work. However, when the nurse put him in my arms for the first time, I knew my life had changed for good … and that included my job! I instantly knew that I needed to start my own recruiting business so I could be close to him all day long. I started The Finders in a spare bedroom with a corded phone, fax machine, and phone book. 

To date, the company has placed over 5,000 professionals … mostly local to Arizona … and generated over $40 million dollars in revenue. 

What industries do you recruit for? 

We have specialized recruiters that focus in our core divisions:  Technology, human resources, finance, and marketing. 

What are some of your career highlights?  

The Finders has been twice named an Inc 5000 company, and has repeatedly won yearly recognition as one of the top recruiting firms in Arizona.

Any future company goals? 

We are blessed to be continuing to grow each division. We are proud to have a robust training program that provides an opportunity for entry-level recruiters to learn the recruiting business. We also have a new franchise-type offering coming out later this year, in which experienced recruiters can join The Finders network and grow their own business within the walls of a tenured firm.  

When you’re not recruiting, we’d find you … 

Hiking with my fiancé, lifting weights, spending time with my family, and loving on my Frenchie, Barnaby. :-)

Favorite places around Scottsdale? 

I love having dinner at Dominick’s, getting coffee at Lux, and hiking Tom’s Thumb. 

If you didn’t have The Finders, you’d be …  

A coach and mentor to other entrepreneur recruiters. (That is actually a side hustle of mine right now). I really can’t think of anything else I would rather do!

Sharon Bondurant