This Friday, we sit down with Stacey Weber, owner of Amelia’s by EAT and Eat by Stacey Weber. Weber first launched Eat by Stacey Weber, which offers meal service and catering, and then recently opened Amelia’s by EAT—named for Weber’s grandmother—a restaurant and market located in McCormick Ranch. The locale offers a counter service all-day menu,  including a BYOB (build your own board) nosh board, scratch-made cocktails, coffee, grab-and-go food, beverages, and grocery items.

What inspired you to open your first venture, EAT?

I was passionate about making eating well easy and accessible to all. Prior to opening EAT, I was an in-home personal chef. I knew I needed to get my food to more people and make it affordable.  EAT also provided a catering kitchen which allowed me to grow our catering services significantly.

Now you have Amelia’s by EAT in Scottsdale. Why brick-and-mortar?

Amelia’s is a place I want to eat and shop at! I created something I really wanted and hope everyone else will agree.  Amelia’s is a place where people can gather, eat, and drink scratch-made offerings, purchase grab-and-go, and grab a gift or wine. ALL offerings have been mindfully sourced. As a community, we need more of this.

Why is offering healthy food important to you?

It makes you feel good! Food heals; I believe in this wholeheartedly, so creating a cool space for people to eat well felt right.

What are your favorite items on the menu?

This is like choosing a favorite child!  They are all near and dear to my heart.  If I had to choose … egg white bites, avocado toast + egg, veggie sandwich, superfood Caesar, enchilada (it is famous!), lasagna … I’ll stop now.

In the market?

Lemon herb salt (I put it on everything at home), succulents, candle—it took me 24 tries to make the perfect scent that represented Amelia’s. Citrus-sage-santal is such a beautiful aroma!

With two ventures, you’re busy! What do you do when you DO have time off?

I spend time with my son. He’s a sports fanatic, so I am usually spectating his games or going to a local sporting event. We also love to travel to the beach and ski.

Any favorite places around Scottsdale?

Kaleidoscope for fresh juice or a cherry matcha, Sweet P’s for ice cream, Maple & Ash for a seafood tower + pasta back, Valentine for the best creative locally sourced menu, Lom Wong for Thai.

Future plans or dreams?

Grow Amelia’s and share with more neighborhoods in Arizona, and a beach house!

One thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I was born in Alaska and lived there for eight years. I’ve seen the northern lights, bears, and moose! I hate sauerkraut.