Compassionate Callers offers a new way to check in on your loved ones. Founded by Bina Colman, it is an easy calling service dedicated to connecting loved ones and clients of all ages. The organization’s mission is to provide reliable, affordable, and compassion support through up to five calls per day, seven days a week. The organization also offers services such as grocery shopping/delivery, transportation to appointments, errands or other outings, monthly activity kits, and more.

Here, we chat with Colman about being in the “sandwich generation,” the call that touched her the most, and her newest hobby.

Why did you create Compassionate Callers? 
Compassionate Callers was born out of a deep understanding and a genuine need. Drawing from my degree in gerontology, I recognized the necessity for an affordable service that would empower individuals to care for their loved ones while still being able to lead their own lives. My personal experience as a sandwich caregiver for my own father solidified my resolve to establish Compassionate Callers, providing support to those going through their own sandwich caregiver journey. Being a sandwich caregiver means juggling the demands of personal life, raising a family, and simultaneously tending to the needs of elderly loved ones. Compassionate Callers steps in, offering the assurance of up to five calls per day, seven days a week, regardless of where the individuals call home. This service is designed to grant family caregivers the invaluable peace of mind they deserve.

How does this service impact those you’re calling? 
I have seen (or heard over the phone) such amazing impacts that I am reminded on every call each day why I started Compassionate Callers. The people that I call get the joy of speaking to someone minimum of once a day, telling their stories, being reminded to take their medicine and actually taking it, all while knowing that they are being cared for.

Has there been a call that particularly stood out to you?  
One of our clients takes comfort in speaking about his late wife. During one phone call, he became emotional, expressing how meaningful it is to relive these cherished memories and share them with someone new. This moment resonates deeply because while Compassionate Callers reminds him to stay hydrated and engage in physical therapy exercises, he also gets to relish in reminiscing about what matters most to him. These conversations hold immense power, providing a source of solace and connection. They are a testament to the impact Compassionate Callers has, not only our client(s) but also on all of us here at Compassionate Callers.

When you aren’t doing this, you’re … 
When I am not working on and in Compassionate Callers I am with my husband and our two kids running from kid activity to kid activity, and truly loving it! We also watch all the sports including AZ Diamondbacks, Phoenix Suns, AZ Cardinals and the University of Michigan football team – go blue!

Favorite things about Scottsdale?
How much there is to do here, from hiking with friends and family, trying a new restaurant, or really getting to enjoy a day up north as a quick and fun getaway! Scottsdale is a wonderful place to raise a family and get to spend time outside (mostly) all year round!

One thing people would be surprised to know about you … 
I’m a proud Arizona native, having witness the incredible transformation and growth of our state over the years. In addition to my experience as a sandwich caregiver, I’ve embraced a new role as a grand-millennial, finding joy in my hobby of needlepoint!

Anything else you’d like to share? 
I find my deepest fulfillment in being a reliable resource for individuals and their families as they navigate the complexities of caregiving journey. While Compassionate Callers is often a preferred choice for many, I also take great pleasure in introducing people to a wide array of resources that they may not be aware of, but are invaluable for them and their aging loved ones.