Jodi Low HeadshotAfter 15 years in business, internationally renowned leadership development trainer and founder of U & Improved Jodi Low has had the honor of working with some of the top executives in the nation, has taught her U & Improved courses to teams across the globe and recently published her first book, “From Me To U”, in which she shares a variety of lessons in life and leadership that she has learned along her journey. 

What inspired this Scottsdale Mom of two to become a leading entrepreneur teaching some of the brightest minds in business? Learn that and more below: 

You've called Scottsdale home for how long?

I’ve lived in Scottsdale since I was 5 years old. It’s really the only place I’ve called home and all of my childhood and young adulthood memories were made here. I absolutely love living here!

What are some of your favorite places to eat, stay and play in Scottsdale?

Oh, I have so many! I love the Sanctuary Resort & Spa…the views are breathtaking. I am a forever fan and loyalist of AZ88, literally since 1988! I also love the food at The Mission in Old Town Scottsdale and recently went to Cala for the first time and really liked the fun energy and vibe!

Tell us about your Scottsdale-based business, U & Improved.

U & Improved is a leadership training and development organization. We work with thousands of clients from Fortune 100 to small businesses to individuals that desire to learn, grow and change. Our training is not the typical leadership development class one might picture or imagine. We do not teach leadership by simply sharing theories and philosophies; our approach to leadership is performance-based. Participants PRACTICE leadership through interactive training processes. Because of this experiential approach, the sustainability of our training is unfathomable. I literally have people tell me a decade or more later how significantly their life and business were impacted by our training. For me, hearing that is the greatest gift I could receive!

What do attendees of your classes come away with on a personal and professional level?

The takeaways and benefits from our trainings are limitless and of course can vary from person to person, however some of the key competencies that attendees most certainly will leave with are self-confidence and self-awareness, teamwork and accountability, the ability to give and receive feedback and coaching, enhanced speaking skills and creativity, clarity of focus and taking action, and the ability to lead with passion and enthusiasm!

What inspired you to get in the business of leadership development?

I have always been fascinated by success, human achievement and peak performance. Even back in my college days I found myself continually gravitating towards inspirational thought leaders and those leading change. Through a series of twists and turns throughout my own life I have been working in personal and professional development space for 25 years now and founded U & Improved 15 years ago this month!

What are some companies you're currently working with?

We are fortunate to work with companies in so many interesting and varied industries. Some of our current local clients include Haydon Building Corporation, DP Electric, Wilde Wealth Management, Burns Pest Elimination and Bristol Global Mobility.

What are your top 3 recommendations for goal setting in this New Year?

My top 3 recommendations are:

1. Get very specific. Broad goals are wishes, specific goals have intention and action behind them.

2. Chart out a plan. The plan can always adapt and change as U go, however U need a roadmap and a basic idea of where U are headed. It’s a lot like driving to a destination with GPS versus without!

3. Share your goal. Write it down and speak it out loud. Neuroscience proves that when we share our goals with others, our odds of achieving them grow tremendously!

Where do you hope to see U & Improved in the next 5 years?

U & Improved will continue to positively impact businesses and individuals that truly believe that their greatest asset is their people. My single wish and focus is to continue to touch as many businesses, and lives, as we possibly can through the powerful work we do. I am so fortunate to do what I love and what I know I was meant to do. My biggest goal in life is that when I take my last breath, I will know that we made a massive, positive difference and helped others live and lead their lives as the very best version of themselves.

For more information on U & Improved visit or to purchase Jodi's book, "From Me To U", find it on Amazon here.