Sisters Jessica Stellwagen and Melissa Mickelson say they were fortunate to be raised by parents who were both entrepreneurs.

“That spirit of entrepreneurship runs deep in our veins,” they say. “Our parents were in vastly different industries, and it was intriguing to watch how many shared business principles led to their success.”

They grew up in a small ski town, and as adults, welcomed the opportunity to move to a warm state with a big population.

In Arizona, the pair co-founded Bodify. 

Here, they talk about their business, what sets them apart, traveling, and even Tom Petty.


How did you both meet and what made you decide to go into business together?

As sisters, for as long as we can remember we wanted to own a business together. It started with lemonade stands when we were kids. Our passions and interests never quite aligned until later in our lives. We had no clue we would eventually own a fat-freezing empire, making thousands of clients happier and more confident in their bodies. In 2015, after raising $400,000 from an investor, friends, and family, Bodify was born. Best decision ever!

Tell us about Bodify …

Bodify has three medspa clinic locations: Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Gilbert ,and offers two aesthetic treatments, CoolSculpting Elite and Morpheus8. We don't believe in being the Jack of all trades. CoolSculpting is the world's number one non-invasive fat reduction treatment that targets diet- and exercise-resistant fat. It's safe, effective, and the results are permanent. Bodify has done over 36,000 treatments and guarantees results. 

Morpheus8 pairs microneedling with radiofrequency (RF) energy to stimulate production of collagen and elastin. This helps to improve fine lines, wrinkles, loose or sagging skin, texture issues, and even scarring. 

We pride ourselves in providing a truly unique experience in the office for both men and women, including a Man Cave where clients can hang out, have a drink, and watch TV. Our obsession with the client experience and their results has allowed us to become the number one CoolSculpting account in Arizona and in the top 10% of Morpheus8 accounts nationwide. 


That’s a lot of treatments! Why do you like what you do?

At the core of it, we both love to offer people, staff, and clients alike, a memorable experience and a place they can come to and feel welcomed, not judge, and valued. We've built a team who inspires us daily and treats one another with love. In turn, they help us successfully transform how people feel in their own skin. Good, bad, right, or wrong, how people feel in their skin impacts their daily lives, and we are grateful we get to help build confidence for people and be part of their journey. We set out to build an organization that matters and impacts the world positively, and alongside our team, we do that every day. 

One thing you’d want people to know about Bodify?

Whether you come in for a consult, a treatment, or a follow-up appointment, we aim to spark joy and uplift. The world can be tough and the least we can do is be a bright spot in our clients' days. We are seriously great humans who care deeply about our clients and their results. 

When you aren’t working, we’d find you …

We often travel together and with our husbands both in the U.S. and internationally. Melissa loves all things food and travel. And I'm eager to tag along, and not plan a thing! We've hopped on so many flights just to taste the foods and try the restaurants people are raving about. While there, we enjoy the local activities, sporting events, sightseeing, and of course, relaxing and unwinding in any spas we can check out. 

Favorite spots around Scottsdale?

Melissa: The Mission—so yummy—and hiking in the McDowell Mountains. 

Favorite song:

Jessica: Anything Tom Petty!

One thing we’d be surprised to learn about you:

Jessica: I was deathly afraid of public speaking when I was younger and now I travel all over the world speaking on behalf of Allergan and sharing Bodify's story.