Since founding the Armer Foundation for Kids in 2019, Jennifer Armer has raised nearly $1 million dollars to support a total of 20 local families whose children were facing life-threatening illnesses. No small feat. But to the former marketing/advertising pro and co-owner of Armer Air, it was her personal mission and it is one that has inspired stories of strength, perseverance and hope within our local communities.

Here, we chat about what inspired her to give back, where you can find her in and around Scottsdale and the many ways in which the Armer Foundation for Kids raises vital funds for local families.

Tell us about the Armer Foundation for Kids ...

My husband Matt and I founded the Armer Foundation for Kids in order to help reduce financial barriers for families so that they can care for their children who are battling chronic or life-altering diseases that can often lead to unforeseen financial burdens. We currently have 10 "Armer Kids" that we are helping and fundraising for through a variety of events, blood drives and other initiatives that we coordinate throughout each year. The funds we raise go directly to help cover co-pays, premiums, deductibles, out-of-pocket expenses, and much more.

What inspired you to form the Armer Foundation?

My friend's daughter had a brain tumor and was struggling financially to make ends meet, pay medical bills, etc. At the time, I was unfortunately not in a position to help. From that point forward I began planning the Armer Foundation for Kids as a way to make a difference for families like hers, who should never have to be concerned about paying the bills when they are watching their child battle a life-threatening illness.

What are some of the things you do to fundraise for the local families you help?

The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit is one of the best ways to give back to the kiddos we help. In addition to that, we just hosted our annual gala at the Sheraton at Wild Horse Pass; our 4th Annual Pooch Palooza returns to Mak Pak Dog Training & Boarding on Nov. 3; our annual Dancing with the Stars event returns to the Fred Astaire Dance Studio on Jan. 12, 2024; we host quarterly blood drives; a variety of fun, interactive workshops; we partnered with The Shop Beer Co. to host the Good Fest at their Tempe brewery; and also created Logan's Healing Sounds Musical Therapy Memorial to bring the joy of music to the children at Banner Cardon's Children's Hospital.

When you're not working, we'd find you ...

Patiently waiting to become a Grandma for the first time (he is due to arrive any day now), followed by my second grandchild who is due in January.

Favorite places to go in Scottsdale?

There are a number of great antique stores I like to shop at in Scottsdale and I also spend a lot of time at the Scottsdale Airpark when we partner with Wings of Humanity, who flies our Armer Kids out of state for life-changing treatments at other hospitals.

Where do you hope to see the Armer Foundation in five to 10 years?

Making 10x the impact and having our local doctors come to our kids, rather than sending our kids to them. For many of them, a simple car ride can be a big undertaking. To have house visits for these children would be a game-changer.

If there is a local family in need of Armer Foundation's support, where can they apply?

They can call us at 480.257.3254 and we will email the application.