Hera Ambrosio was born in Brazil, but raised by restauranteurs in southern Italy. She lived and traveled throughout a few places across the globe before her family finally settled in Scottsdale in 1993. Her love for cooking and the diverse cultures and foods she experienced across Europe inspired Ambrosio to create her own unique morning gathering spot, mini market, and wine bar—Zingara Coffee Shop, Bespoke Market and Wine Bar—which she opened this year. 

Here, she chats about coffee, wine, and her inspiration.

You grew up in the restaurant business. Do you have a favorite memory?

Spending time with my dad in general. I started his first restaurant with him in the United States after moving here from Italy when I was 15. He has taught me so much over all the years we spent next to each other, working side by side, and transmitted to me the passion for this business that I now cannot live without. 

In 2023, you opened Zingara Coffee Shop, Bespoke Market and Wine Bar. What was your inspiration for the locale?

European luxury as a whole. I wanted to create a unique concept that included everything I love and share it with people. I researched the best of the best for everything, from coffee to wine, from olive oil to meat. 

Can you tell us about some of the offerings at Zingara?

At Zingara you can expect quality in everything we have. In the market, we have an amazing selection of olive oils from Europe, a wide array of Setaro pasta from Campania, and gorgeous gifts such as table linens, candles, and glassware. Our pastries are made fresh each day, and we offer high-quality shared plates from 4 to 9 p.m.

Personal favorite menu item and/or item you offer at Zingara?

My favorite menu item is the gambas al ajillo. It’s a simple yet delicious shrimp dish from Spain. And my favorite retail/gift item is the picnic blankets from London.  

Opening Zingara has been …

One of my dreams come true. 

When you aren’t working, we’d find you …

Usually with family or friends. I like to spend as much time as I can with my loved ones since my free time is very limited. 

What do you love about Scottsdale? 

Besides being a very pretty city, I love the fact that it is growing and giving me the opportunity to expand my business.