David Bauer grew up in a musical family and has been creating music since early childhood. A professed “vocalist and keyboard nerd,” he began playing piano at age 6, adding trombone and percussion in fifth grade.

Today he is a professional musician and studio artist who has produced three instrumental albums, arranged hundreds of songs, and scored soundtracks for dozens of video productions. He’s also sung several commercial jingles for a national production agency.

“I love music and audio production and seeking ways to tell stories in melody, harmony, and sound design,” he says.

You are busy! Not only are you a musician, but you are director of Ravenscroft. First, what do you think makes Ravenscroft so special?

Bob and Gretchen Ravenscroft’s vision for Ravenscroft (the venue) was to create a space where music and the arts could be presented at the highest levels. Ravenscroft embodies the realization of that vision and stands as a stunning example of how architecture, design, and technology can come together in a single venue to provide the best immersive musical concert experience possible.

Ravenscroft is special because it shines bright as a place of hope and encouragement through music and the arts. … Bob and Gretchen’s priceless gift to the arts community and the world is something special that my team and I want to steward well for years to come.

Why do you love what youre doing there?

Not only are we creating unforgettable experiences every week, but we are lifting people’s spirits and bringing joy through music and the arts. Music has a special way of touching the hearts of people, and I love being a part of that process with my team.

How did you get involved with the venue?

I’ve been connected to the Ravenscroft project since 2018, when it was just an idea on paper with the architects and designers. My work prior to this current role was in the audio-video-lighting integration industry, and I knew of this amazing project and met the building construction management team early on. When I became aware of the director role, I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of this incredible endeavor knowing how special it would be.

Favorite experiences at Ravenscroft so far?

By far my favorite experience was our first show on Oct. 9, 2021, which featured Bob Ravenscroft and his trio performing in Ravenscroft Hall for the very first time. I had the honor of introducing Bob that evening to an audience of friends and family. It was complete joy to see and hear him perform in the concert hall he envisioned years before.

The second experience that will live with me for a long time is the Samara Joy show we hosted in January 2023. She is a remarkable vocalist that presented her artistry with absolute perfection to two sold-out shows. At that time, she was nominated for two Grammy Awards and two weeks later won both of them! This is an example of the incredible talent we feature at Ravenscroft.

Anything we can expect for next season?

We begin next season in Ravenscroft Hall on Sept. 16 with Jesús Molina and Los Dromers. Jesús is an absolutely incredible artist, and has shared the stage with many world-class artists like Chick Corea and Weather Report.

The concert schedule will feature many other Grammy-nominated artists who span a wider range of the jazz spectrum. We’ve expanded our Ravenscroft Concert Series to include artists such as Ben Wendel (Gerald Clayton, Ignacio Berroa), Myron McKinley (Earth Wind & Fire), Kings Return (a cappella group), and many others you can find on our website.

And your music … for those who arent already familiar with your sound, how would you describe it?

My personal music is instrumental arrangements of familiar sacred songs meant to be peaceful and meditative. Piano is the central instrument with soft strings, synth, woodwinds, harp, and light orchestration supporting the simple melodies.

What is your inspiration for your songs?

I lead a busy life and very active schedule with work and family. My music provides a way to come away from the daily grind and focus my mind on things that matter most … faith, family, truth, peace, hope, love, etc.

When did you learn to play and compose?

I started playing piano when I was 6 years old and drove my piano teachers crazy as I would make up my own versions of songs instead of practicing what was on the paper. I started my recording journey back when everything was analog. In the ’90s, I composed soundtracks for a small NBC affiliate (Boise, ID) show called Exploring Idaho.”

These days, I leverage a fully equipped digital music scoring setup in my studio. I compose my own projects, write music scores for video, and cut vocal tracks for commercial jingles on occasion.

And last, what do you love most about Scottsdale?

My wife and I have always loved the people of Scottsdale. We have had the privilege of working with some incredible leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners since first coming to the Valley in 2004. I have found the people of this great community to be remarkably inspirational and uplifting to me personally and professionally. We love it all … the climate, the mountain views, the shopping, the architecture, the food! But it’s the amazing people who make it all possible!

Ravenscroft. Courtesy David Bauer