Darren Tackett has lived in Scottsdale for most of his life, as has his now-wife, Tonia. His children include two boys (21 and 24) and two girls (14 and 3.5).

“My wife, Tonia, is an amazing mother and also helps me with my real estate business,” says the real estate agent and founder of the Tackett Team

He is a member at DC Ranch golf club and lives in the community.

Tackett is also the owner of Scottsdale.com, which he purchased from the previous owner in 2023. The site will soon debut a redesign and increased coverage.

Here, he talks about life in Scottsdale, luxury real estate, and Scottsdale.com.


You’ve been in real estate for a while! What do you love about it?

I have been in the business for over 26 years, and I love the challenge it presents. It changes almost quarterly, so even though I have a wealth of experience, I still have to constantly adapt and implement changes to help me and my team improve. It reminds me of golf, as you can practice all the time, but you will never truly master all aspects of the game.

Do you specialize in specific areas?

I love the Northeast Valley, and that is where the vast majority of my business is, but I grew up in the Arrowhead Ranch area of Glendale, so I end up doing deals all over the Valley every year from referrals from past clients and friends.

Most notable home you’ve sold?

I sold the most expensive resale home in Arizona back in 2022 for a little over $28 million. That was a fun account and, so far, I have been lucky that is has held up for two years.

What sets you apart from other real estate agents?

I would say my knowledge and experience are unique as I have sold over 400 custom lots; done several 1031 exchanges; currently work with flippers, as well as custom home builders; have sold hundreds of REO and short sale properties; and have done all other aspects of residential resale from first time home buyers to luxury. There isn’t much I haven’t done when it comes to residential real estate

In addition to real estate, you own Scottsdale.com. What inspired you to purchase the site?

I have known about the site for years and felt it could be turned into something super cool. Eventually, one day, I decided that I should stop thinking about it and step up and do it. A few months later, I purchased the site and am currently developing it with my partners.

What are your plans for it?

My idea for Scottsdale.com has always been two-fold. First and foremost, I wanted to create a destination website that was all things Scottdale. Scottsdale is essentially a brand name when it comes to cities, and most people think of golf, great restaurants, resorts, nightlife, etc. when you ask them about it. The problem is there isn’t one great site that encompasses all of this. There are a lot of magazines and a few websites that cover aspects of this, but nothing comprehensive that has all of it in one place. 

I would also love to have a great real estate section on the website that will help give consumers a ton of information on a local level that isn’t provided by any of the portal sites. We will have the ability to search for homes, obviously, but also information on neighborhoods, schools, restaurants, and new residential and commercial developments. Overall, we just want to make it the one-stop-shop for anyone wanting info about anything there is to know about Scottsdale.

Is there a team working with you?

Yes, I have a fantastic group of partners that took me 18 months to put together but whom I believe are the key to executing the vision moving forward. Michelle Glicksman is my editor-in-chief, Kendra Riley of Dawning PR is in charge of public relations and social media, and Jason Squardo is in charge of SEO and our digital campaigns. 

Right now, who are you collaborating with for the site?

We have had a lot of conversations with potential partners and are open to discussions with anyone who wants to grow their digital audience. We are continuing to evolve the site to make it better and add more content, as well as make it more conducive to adding future partners. 

In five years, you hope to … 

In five years, I hope we have a massive amount of hyperlocal content on the site with tons of monthly returning visitors who have bookmarked the site as their go-to place to find out the latest events, the newest places to go, and generally, what is currently happening in the city. If that happens, then I will consider it a success.

Darren Tackett