“I’m a native Arizonan, and my family roots run deep,” says Cammie Beckert, whose great-grandparents settled in what is now Scottsdale before Arizona was even a state.

The family has been here ever since, not only making it their home, but literally making it home for countless others.

In 1969, her grandparents founded Camelot Homes, and a decade later, her parents took the helm of the company.

As for Beckert, she headed to Arizona State University after high school and then worked at a news station for several years before settling into real estate.

In 2019, after building her sales and marketing and real estate development experience and leading Camelot’s sales and marketing department, she saw the opportunity to kick off Camelot’s custom home and renovation business, launching the newly rebranded Cameron Custom Homes & Renovations.

Here Beckert, who is married and has two teenage sons, talks about homebuilding, interior design trends, and her favorite Scottsdale locales.


You grew up in the homebuilding business. Can you tell us a little about that?

I would say I gained an appreciation for well-designed homes from a very young age. I remember walking job sites, visiting model homes on family vacations, and staying in nice hotels—my parents would always point out details, take photos, and incorporate their best findings into the designs of their model homes.

What sets Camelot Homes apart?

I would say our passion for design, quality, and company culture.

Why did you decide to launch Cameron Custom Homes & Renovations?

Due to Camelot’s passion for design and reputation for quality, the custom market came to us. It felt like a natural evolution from our core business, and after several inquiries, we decided to move forward with developing a team dedicated to customs and renovations.

Any upcoming trends we should know about?

Wallpaper is making a big comeback.

What is one design trend you wish would stop?

Sunken tubs seem to be making a comeback as well. I’m not a big fan.

When you’re not working, we’d find you …

Hanging out with my family, working out, or picking up an iced tea at AJ’s!

Favorite Scottsdale locales?

I don’t get a chance to get out and about much. When I do, it’s usually with my family, and we hit the trails. Brown’s Ranch is a family favorite.

One thing in your home you couldn’t live without?

The porch swing in our backyard—it’s my sanctuary. I love curling up on it and getting lost in a great book.

Courtesy Cammie Beckert