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Is your business or event looking for targeted local exposure?, a City Brand Media site, has the attention of both locals and visitors in Scottsdale.

City Brand Media is an online advertising media and marketing agency representing a network of 140+ city(dot)com websites across the country. Our cities range in size from upscale communities to large metropolitan areas.

Our hyper-local sites in Arizona include,,,, and Our local brands are the most heavily trafficked sites in the affluent East Valley, attracting over 250,000 unique visitors each month, and over 1,500,000 page views.

Why are “city brands” so powerful?

Natural Brands – City(dot)com brands enjoy a tremendous volume of direct type-in traffic. City Brand Media sites are a trusted source of information, allowing us to highly rank organically in the top search engines.

Relevant Content – Locals and visitors find information and content that directly relates to the area they live in or are visiting.

Brand Recognition, Loyalty & Trust – When users see links that include the natural “city brand” address, they are more likely to click and visit that site. Once they get there, they are more likely to trust the information they see from the “city brand” site.

Qualified Traffic – When people come to a City Brand Media site they come with the purpose of seeking out a local business or things to do and see in that city. Therefore, they have a high propensity to use the site for taking action and are not simply attracted by a celebrity or breaking news story as they are with many news or entertainment-based sites.

City Directory – Much like a search engine, but specific to a city, our City Brand Media sites include comprehensive business directories for local businesses that are easy to navigate and provide detailed listings that both locals and travelers are seeking.

As the city's authority online portal, offers affordable and customized advertising programs for businesses of any size. An array of advertising options to highlight your business include:

Banner Ad – Banner ads allow businesses to visually connect with their prospective customer. A link attached to the ad directs prospective customers to the business, product or service. Banner ads may be placed on the homepage and/or category pages. Ads can be placed on a single City Brand Media site or across our entire network. Exclusivity opportunities are also available.

Headline Interviews – Headline interviews are placed on the home page of our City Brand Media site above the fold for all visitors to read. This allows our writers to produce advertorial content for a soft-sell approach. The article includes links, images and are Google indexed.

Premium Directory – Premium Directory Upgrades include premium positioning, client’s company contact information, client’s logo, video link, 500+ word description, five images, client’s url and client’s social media links.

Our creative team can also customize out-of-the-box options, contact a team member today to learn more. Christina Wagner,, 480-868-9662 or Tom Jackse,, 760-828-7087.