Club Pilates Opens in The Shops Gainey Village

By Lynette Carrington

By now, most people have certainly heard of Pilates. But, it takes a successful franchise and special business owners to bring a comprehensive, engaged and exciting Pilates studio to the masses that is focused on its members and guests.

Club Pilates features 212 studio locations nationwide, with another 290 in development. The owners of the Gainey Ranch location of Club Pilates are Keith and Yvette Jacobs. The Club Pilates franchisees started with their first location at Scottsdale and Shea in February 2017. They were so impressed with the response and franchise support, that they’ve now opened the Gainey Ranch location in The Shops Gainey Village.

Pilates was the Answer
In early 2016, Keith Jacobs had been suffering with some significant pain and a severe herniated disc issue. Although he had become more active physically with yoga and cross-fit, he was still experiencing pain. He discovered Pilates, and within two weeks began experiencing relief from his back pain. He became a firm believer in the benefits of Pilates, lost additional weight, gained strength, increased his range of motion and was ultimately able to avoid the invasive back surgery his doctors had suggested. Today, Keith is very active in many physical activities. Yvette Jacobs had already been a fan of yoga and she, too, soon embraced the benefits of Pilates.

“Keith and I had already had a franchise in the past,” explains Yvette of their past business experience. “We were interested in doing another one, since it had been quite a few years. We sat down and asked ourselves, ‘If we were going to do another franchise, what would we do?’” A friend of the Jacobs’ that specializes in franchise placement suggested Club Pilates to the couple.

After a “discover day” and some personal tours at the Club Pilates headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA, both Keith and Yvette Jacobs were excited to take on ownership of a Club Pilates franchise. “Their qualities really resonated with both of us, and we liked the vision,” says Yvette. “They seemed to have their act together with really solid people and good processes in place.”

“The thing that stood out to Keith and I is that Pilates has been around for years and years,” Yvette explains. “A lot of businesses can’t say that. At some point, nearly everyone has heard of Pilates. A big factor for Keith and I is that Pilates is an exercise routine that literally everybody can do. It’s a low-impact, full-body workout. It truly works out every part of your body without trashing it.” Pilates is perfect for any age and any physical ability.

Classes and Membership
Club Pilates offers classes seven days a week. Whether someone wants to drop in as a guest, or sign up with a full membership, there is something for every type of Pilates enthusiast. “We’re membership based, so you can do a one-time drop in, or come more frequently,” explains Yvette. “The more sessions you purchase, the less it costs. We also have an unlimited membership option as well. Now is a great time to join because we have an attractive offer for the unlimited membership.” The unlimited membership lets members visit any Club Pilates in the United States at any time, as frequently as they would like. This option is also particularly attractive for those who travel because the Club Pilates routines and equipment are consistent from studio to studio.

Staff Training
The instructors are all intensively trained in the Club Pilates method. Each instructor is required to complete 500 hours of training through Club Pilates, and some instructors have even more training than that. “We’re very particular about how many hours of training they have, and their continuing education,” notes Yvette of Club Pilates instructors.

“We love to get to know our members, so we can understand what their fitness needs are,” says Yvette. “We can even tailor routines. We have the ability to do private and semi-private lessons.”

Yvette finishes, “Some people are looking for a little community – a place to come and meet others, spend time with them, and get in a good workout. Our neighbors are so happy to have us here, and we’re always glad to give tours.”

Club Pilates Gainey Ranch is located at 8787 N. Scottsdale Rd. For additional information call (480) 462-1299 or visit Club Pilates Scottsdale and Shea is located at 9301 E. Shea Blvd., Suite 127, Scottsdale. For additional information call (480) 771-3774 or visit