Craft 64 – The Best Lunchtime Destination in Scottsdale

Craft 64 – The Best Lunchtime Destination in Scottsdale

How do you know it’s going to be a great lunch? When you stop by Craft 64 in Old Town Scottsdale! You may have heard of Craft 64’s many accolades from everyone including celebrated local chefs to Zagat. The local craft beer and fine wine always get tongues wagging at Craft 64, and the menu features something for everyone, especially busy individuals who are on the go.

Lunch Destination? Craft 64!

Recently stopped in for a lunch at Craft 64, because we appreciate house made mozzarella cheese and all local, fresh ingredients on its menu. On this particular day, we discovered the Tequila Lime Livin’ salad, and it’s the perfect salad for summer. The light and refreshing salad is packed full of fresh, local arugula, grazing pumpkin seeds, hickory smoked heirloom corn and crumbled feta cheese, garnished with gorgeous sliced limes. Fresh and local ingredients do make a difference in the taste, and with this salad, you will revel in the tang and crunch!

If you’re anywhere in mid-town or Old Town Scottsdale, you won’t want to miss the chance to have lunch at Craft 64. Owner and brew master, James Swann is always eager to tell Craft 64’s guests about the freshest items on the menu, and about the latest local craft beers gracing the taps at the second oldest home in Scottsdale that has been since converted to a restaurant. It adds an undeniable charm to a lunchtime stop.

Local Craft Beer Destination? Craft 64!

The latest signature beer crafted from the mind of James Swann (or, King James as he is referred to by all the locals) is Mr. Big, a cucumber wheat beer with just a touch of lemon and pear. Mr. Big joins a prestigious list of Craft 64 signature beers including Crafty Blonde, Frolic, Hop Life, Smooove Hoperator and Wheat The People.

Normally, if we’re lunching we’d grab our favorite Craft 64 wood fired pizza, the Margarita. But, this time we wanted to kick up the heat level, so we opted for the Aji pizza topped with fresh house made mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano, robust fennel sausage, ricotta and an aji jalapeno sauce. We loved the slow burn sensation when we were finished with the slice, and it added an extra bit of zing to our wood fired pizza.

Craft Cocktails Destination? Craft 64!

Keeping with the theme of citrus, we also ordered up a seasonal mule – the Lemon Lover. Craft 64’s take on a traditional mule included Thumb Butte Local Meyer lemon vodka, with peach bitters, fresh lemon juice and ginger beer. It was a refreshing and light cocktail that perfectly paired with the Aji pizza to cool down our taste buds

Another thing loves about lunching at Craft 64 is the cool music playlist selected by King James himself. Bowie, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, or obscure 80s tunes, you’ll enjoy what you hear while you’re enjoying your lunch. Dine in or nosh on the patio, you’ll love your lunch at Craft 64.

Whether you go for the food and stay for the beer or vice versa, you’ll be glad that you visited Craft 64. Cleverly named for the fact that there are 64 ounces in a growler of beer (and yes, they do fill growlers), Craft 64 effectively merges at the intersection of gastropub, wine bar and artisan pizzeria. You will also enjoy the camaraderie and atmosphere that lives in Craft 64 as it is located in the second oldest home in Scottsdale. Come and find out what all the buzz is about at Craft 64! Don’t forget to stop in at Craft 64’s Happy Hour

Craft 64 is located at 6922 E. Main St, Scottsdale. Visit or call (480) 946-0542 for additional information. Craft 64 is open 11 a.m.-11 p.m., seven days a week.

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