Claridge Law Group Divore and Custody Lawyers

By Lynette Carrington

Claridge Law Group Divore and Custody Lawyers

If you are contemplating divorce or are dealing with complex and stressful child custody issues, it is best to leave the legal maneuvering to the experts. Ryan Claridge of Claridge Law Group is entirely committed to getting his clients the best possible legal outcome so that they can effectively move on with their lives.

As with many attorneys, the legal bug got to Claridge early on in his life in a memorable way. “I don’t remember the exact date or subject, but it was definitely me arguing with my older sister and her telling me that arguing was the only thing I was good at doing and that I should go to law school and do it professionally,” explains Claridge. “I don’t think it was a positive statement, but I remembered it and I kind of agreed with her.” The course was set and half way through high school he committed that his future education would be in law. Claridge attended ASU where he achieved his bachelor’s degree in philosophy. He then moved to Orange, California to attend Chapman Law School to complete his juris doctorate degree while concurrently achieving a certificate in mediation.

Initially, Claridge began practicing criminal law in California and then came to Arizona and practiced immigration law. He was not a fan of dealing with recidivism or working in court jail and switched gears. “Although family law is not the rosiest, it’s more positive and I meet better people than when I was doing criminal law and immigration law,” says Claridge. “With a family law client- they’re going through something that a lot of people go through, but it’s usually just once.”

Since founding his firm a few years ago, Claridge has presented a friendly and productive approach in assisting his clients during a time that can often be emotionally trying. “They should know that if they’re not ready to be in the divorce process, it’s probably too early to talk to an attorney,” he explains of potential clients. “For a divorce, you need to be decided that you want to be divorced. Otherwise, it’s just speculative. No attorney is going to be in the position of wanting you to get divorced.”

Claridge also encourages people to be ready, have an idea of how much money they can or are willing to spend on divorce proceedings and to also shop a few attorneys to find who will work best for them. “Keep in mind what their retainer is, what the hourly rate is and get the best estimate you can,” explains Claridge. “You also don’t want to hire an attorney who offers a low hourly rate because those usually end up costing the most.”

“My favorite part of being an attorney is the counseling aspect,” Claridge finishes. “I calm my clients down and educate them and then take away the fear and doubt and explain the process. I explain the law and it takes away a lot of the anxiety.”

Family law matters can be extremely stressful and emotionally taxing. Whether you are seriously contemplating a divorce, considering child custody modification, or have already been served with documents, the team at Claridge Law Group can help. Claridge Law Group is located at 7702 E. Doubletree Ranch Rd., Suite 336, Scottsdale. Call (480) 290-8604 to schedule a complimentary hour-long consultation or to have Claridge take a second look at your case. Visit for additional information.