CallSafe's Travel Safety Tips for Seniors

CallSafe's Travel Safety Tips for Seniors

CallSafe Reminds Seniors to be Careful this Holiday Season


  • 1.Makes sure you’re healthy enough to travel. Visit your doctor for a check-up to make sure you’re in the best possible physical condition and to make sure you have enough of any medications you’ll need while traveling. Be sure to also get a written and signed note from your doctor detailing your needs and his/her prescription of your meds to you.
  • 2.Many tours have accommodations to meet the needs of travelling seniors. Ask your travel agent about arrangements for wheelchairs, guide dogs, seating needs, etc.
  • 3.Look into purchasing travel insurance with pre-existing illness coverage.
  • 4.If health is a concern, package tours are a good choice. You’ll get to see and do a lot of things in a more controlled environment.
  • 5.If you’re traveling and need to buy medication be sure to check the dosage as dosage may vary from country to country.
  • 6.Stretch and exercise your legs and feet before and during long flights or rides. This will lessen chances for blood clots, aches, and cramps.
  • 7.Be gentle with yourself when recovering from jetlag. Leave some time in your itinerary for rests and try to eat at the local times to acclimate more quickly.
  • 8.Be careful what you eat especially if you have a sensitive tummy or have been maintaining diet restrictions. Big changes in diet can have some unpleasant consequences.


  • 1.Don’t advertise your absence from your home or even your hotel room. The best time for robberies is when a tenant is gone. Keep safe and be smart about “clean this room signs” or Facebook posts advertising when you’re leaving and for how long you’ll be gone.
  • 2.Know your limits. If you’re tired, hungry, or thirsty, tend to yourself.
  • 3.Keep the bling to a minimum. It may be hard because you’ve worked so hard to acquire the things you couldn’t have when you were younger, but flashy things catch people’s and thieves’ eyes.
  • 4.Keep your shoes as flat as possible. Flat does not mean ugly, but if you’re going to be walking around a lot you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible. Sidewalks and streets may or may not be as up-kept as it is at home. A trip on your trip would not make for a good time.
  • 5.Keep others that are traveling with you in the loop. We all watch out for each other, especially when traveling. Always try to keep a cellphone on you too. If you’re traveling within the US, take your CallSafe pendant with you too.

*Bonus tip: TSA has special programs to aid those with disabilities, and for the frequent flyer, TSA Pre-check program will help streamline your way through security. Say goodbye to hassles and long lines.

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