Artist Dyana Hesson Featured at Desert Botanical Gardens

By Press Release

Artist Dyana Hesson Featured at Desert Botanical Gardens

Career retrospective entitled “Return to the Desert, Celebrating the First 25 Years"

Dyana Hesson, one of the Southwest’s most beloved botanical artists, will be celebrating her 25th year retrospective at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix from January 29 through May 22, 2016.“Return to the Desert, Celebrating the First 25 Years” will showcase the evolution of her original works as they return to the desert for this special occasion.

The exhibit will be held at the Ottosen Gallery, located in the Desert Botanical Garden where much of Hesson’s work has been inspired. Entrance to the exhibit is included with the price of Garden admissions. The Desert Botanical Garden is located at 1201 N. Galvin Parkway, Phoenix.

Hesson says about her beloved state of Arizona and the Desert Botanical Garden, “I've explored many subjects: tropical blooms, garden flowers, roses and landscapes, but I always return to the desert. I can't resist the twists and turns of an agave, the translucence of opuntia (prickly pear) blooms and the plump and colorful hues of succulents. Revisiting desert plants in my work is like coming home from a vacation. For 25 years, the collection at the Desert Botanical Garden has inspired my work.”

Hesson is producing a new collection of desert-inspired paintings that will be showcased with her retrospective work at the Desert Botanical Garden and at Bonner David Galleries in Scottsdale.

Christi Manuelito, director of Bonner David Galleries has represented Hesson since the gallery opened in 2002. Manuelito states, “I am so pleased with the exquisite work artist Dyana Hesson is currently producing for her show opening at the Desert Botanical Garden. I feel this is among her best work and it's remarkable how this exhibit has fueled her creative expression. Her passion and love for her compositions found during many visits to the Garden is visually expressed and perfectly executed in each painting. I am so proud to be a part of Hesson’s incredible journey.”

In conjunction with the exhibit, Hesson has released her first art book, “Radiance:The Paintings of Dyana Hesson” which features over 170 of the artist’s luminous botanical and landscape paintings. This volume is the most comprehensive representation of her work to date and includes stories and poems giving special insight to her passions and processes. Proudly designed, printed and bound in Arizona, Hesson’s book will be made available at The Desert Botanical Garden Shop, Bonner David Galleries at and on her website: A visit to Arizona in 2016 would not be complete without viewing Hesson’s exhibit. She evokes the spirit of the Southwest like no other artist.

Hesson explains, “It is a privilege and pleasure to be a fine artist in today's world. It is a pleasure because I get to wake every morning and do what I love and pour my soul into creating something beautiful. It is also a privilege because with creating comes responsibility. My desire is to create a safe place where a viewer’s eyes can land and rest for awhile. It has been said that the only two things that can pierce our hearts are beauty and affliction, and if this is so, we need a measure of beauty in our lives in equal proportion to our affliction. My unspoken agreement with my collectors and fans is that I will always bring my very best to you. I will work hard to bring a measure of beauty to your world with all the ability God has given me."’s features writer, Lynette Carrington co-authored the book flap for “Radiance: The Paintings of Dyana Hesson” and was excited to support the endeavors of an artist she truly loves. “Dyana is an absolute master at her craft. With every painting she creates, there are new aspects of shadow and light to discover amidst the exquisite beauty of her painted florals and desert succulents,” Carrington states.