1 Million Deals Will Have You Traveling at Unbelievably Low Prices

1 Million Deals Will Have You Traveling at Unbelievably Low Prices

How often do you go on vacation? Do you save all year so you can take a weeklong trip with your family? Where would you like to go for your dream vacation? Do you have a bucket list? With 1 Million Deals, you will get access to unbelievable destinations around the world at prices that are simply not available elsewhere.

Owner of 1 Million Deals, Char McCreadie explains, “We are a VIP invitation-only travel and lifestyle club. That is why we get better prices. Our business model is much like Costco and Sam’s Club. Customers go there to take advantage of volume purchasing for low cost and we do the same thing with our club. For example, when our club books hotel rooms in Flagstaff, we buy hundreds and hundreds of hotel room s and pass the savings on to our members, whereas someone booking online represents just one room or purchasing unit at a retail price.” Whether you are looking for a few nights in Sedona, a sightseeing trip to New York City, a family cruise in the Mediterranean or a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Fiji for a month, 1 Million Deals can put you there at a tiny fraction of the cost!

There are two ways to take advantage of the travel deals offered by 1 Million Deals. “My summer offer is a free preferred customer account,” states McCreadie. “It’s free and you just sign up on our website. You will get better prices than what you can find online but not the best member ship prices, because membership does have its privileges.” This is a great way to take advantage of a free preferred account and see what 1 Million Deals can offer to you. The free account will allow you to book hotels, flights, rental cars, getaways and activities in various cities, including some right here in the Valley. This special free membership is available July 15 through August 15. Visit https://1milliondeals.dreamtrips.com/ota/registrat... now to get your free preferred customer account with 1 Million Deals.

There are three different membership levels – Standard, Gold and Platinum. All monthly membership fees in all three levels are less than $100 a month! With a simple phone call or an in-person meeting McCreadie can provide all the details and get you signed up quickly. “The whole deal is for me to help customize and say, ‘Hey, this membership level fits your lifestyle best,’” states McCreadie. “People can always choose what membership level fits best after that.” The one-time initial signup fee is also incredibly low and is returned in full to the member’s “travel account” and can be used towards future travel; it’s like having a virtual vacation savings account.

Different levels of membership include such benefits as dining discounts, entertainment discounts, a 24/7 concierge service, identity theft protection, roadside assistance, Teladoc, emergency evacuation service and more.What level of membership is right for you? Let McCreadie show you all of the advantages and benefits that speak to the way you travel & experience everyday life. McCreadie is not a travel agent, but will literally “give you the world” and show you how easy it is to book your very own travel and dream vacations right on your own phone or computer through 1 Million Deals!She says, “I have an entire travel department that has all the agents and procurements; I have a concierge that’s available 24/7. That’s all behind me and I’m the pretty face on the front side. ”

The Charitable and Human Side of the Business

There is also a charitable facet to what McCreadie does in her business. The World Ventures Foundation is involved in many volunteer endeavors around the world. “We go down and build schools in Guatemala,” she explains. “It’s a whole community program down there. We have done clean water treatment projects in Africa. We do orphanage rebuilds in Ecuador and other third world countries.” It is the very human element that reaches the farthest parts of the globe that McCreadie embraces. As a world traveler herself, she loves to give back to others.

McCreadie is a veteran, a 9/11 survivor, a six-time cancer survivor and a wife and mother. She loves connecting with people one-on-one and helping her clients realize their dreams of experiencing their local sights and planet at incredibly affordable prices and in a way that works for them.St Augustine once said, ”The world is a book and those that don’t travel read only one page.”Let’s go create incredible memories and McCreadie will see you on the beaches of the world!

For additional information on 1 Million Deals contact Char McCreadie at 703-408-6789 or visit https://1milliondeals.dreamtrips.com/

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