East Valley MCACC Animal Shelter is Closing! New EV Shelter Opening! Ideas?

Mon Jul. 23 at 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Event Details

The East Valley MCACC Shelter is Closing Down! Please Bring Your Good Ideas!--Join the Animal Community Response & Brainstorming Session to Create Solutions--Mesa Library at 5:30-7:30 --2nd floor Saguaro Room

IMPORTANT: We have the room booked starting at 4:00 PM so you are invited to come early, begin brainstorming ideas, network, make connections with other animal lovers and just enjoy being with like-minded others. :-)

All animal lovers are welcome! Anyone concerned with the welfare of animals is encouraged to attend. Animal rescue volunteers & nonprofits are encouraged to share their knowledge & expertise as we craft a strategy to protect the animals who need our help.

***What are your good ideas that can help to save the lives of suffering Dogs & Cats in our community?

Can't join us for the event? Feel free to use the "Contact the Organizer" option to send in your ideas and we will present them for you. Or, you can share your good ideas in the comment section of our Facebook post "Please Share your Good ideas! Summer is a tough time for animals & animal rescuers. Let's Start an Online Brainstorming Session to Create Solutions & Save the Lives of Dogs & Cats"

***What is the Animal Community Response to the East Valley MCACC Shelter Closing Down?

***What effect will this have on getting strays home, adopting rescued animals and relinquishing animals?

***What can we do to meet the needs of the animals in the East Valley?

***What ideas do you have for an "ideal" animal shelter replacement for MCACC in the east valley? Would you like to be involved in creating a new animal shelter?

***How can animal lovers and other organizations in our community help create a positive response to the problems facing Dogs & Cats?

***What services can animal rescues put in place to meet the demands for help from residents in the East Valley?

***Who wants to work together to purchase a new building for an animal shelter that will replace MCACC in the east valley?

Do you have any good ideas? Help create a plan and set goals for our Animal Community Response. Join this brainstorming & project planning meeting. Let's work together to create solutions! Let's save more Dogs & Cats!

Please help by Sharing this event with friends, families & colleagues who may be interested via your Social Media Channels. We need the help of everyone in the Animal Community. Thanks!

All Animal Lovers are Welcome to Attend!