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CO+HOOTS Foundation presents Let's Talk About Nothing: How to Release Your Creative Vision for Your Business!

Learn how well-known entrepreneurs overcame a lack of vision "nothing" to create "something" exceptional. Following the presentation, work with the group on an exercise to release creative visioning for your business.

Neda Kazemi has owned Plum Branding for over 20 years. Plum Branding is a creative agency focused on family-friendly brands with clients including some of the leading manufacturers and retailers in the world. Major art departments look to use Plum Branding for direction in trends and new brand development. Neda is also the president of a Toastmaster's club in Scottsdale and has spoken publicly, including at Ignite Phoenix.


The CO+HOOTS Foundation is an Arizona 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to influence and support community growth by engaging the power of coworkers, independent contractors and small business. The Foundation provides pro bono service, education and leadership to CO+WORK, CO+BUILD and CO+CHANGE the world.