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5 Adorable (and Affordable) Father’s Day Gifts

5 Adorable (and Affordable) Father’s Day Gifts

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Just Add Water

Combining the functionality of water shoes or hiking sandals, with the sleek look of European-style slip-ons, dress up Dad in style with a pair of Swims waterproof loafers. That way Dad can go right from the beach to a classy dinner party. Just be sure he doesn’t try to wear them with shorts and black dress socks.

Frame Job

Thank Dad for everything he does to support his family by presenting him with a framed picture of his kids or grandkids all holding up a large heart sign. That way he can hang it over his desk for a quick pick-me-up during a tough work week.

Key to His Heart

Another super-simple yet thoughtful way to remind Dad how much you love him on a daily basis is to slip a love note onto his keychain. For example, have “I love you” carved onto a heart-shaped pet ID tag—most pet stores have machines that will let you design your own tag—and secretly attach it to his key ring.

Game of Hearts

This one takes a teensy bit of effort, but it will all be worth it when you see Dad’s smile. Buy a pack of cards, or create your own with card stock, and then decorate each one with the “52 reasons why you are the best dad in the world.” That way he can open them all at once, or read one a week right through to the next Father’s Day.